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With all of the advances and treatment options currently available for dental patients to achieve optimum health, esthetics, comfort and function it is more important than ever that all of these treatment options are properly explored. This will clearly maximize the benefits that your dental treatment can provide, satisfy your specific concerns and be more cost effective. More frequently than not, optimum dental treatment is interdisciplinary. This term means that the expertise of several types of dental specialists will be part of patient care in addition to the general dentist. The biggest obstacle to success in these type of cases is coordination of care.

Historically these type of cases regularly involved the expertise of a periodontal specialist. One of the most significant advances over the years was the understanding of the periodontal prosthesis. That marked the ultimate relationship between the restoration of teeth and complete oral health. The advances in cosmetic dentistry and implants make this collaboration even more important than with prior standards.

Dr. Kahn feels that the planning of a patient's case is equally as important to success as the execution of the actual treatment. He regularly consults with dentists and dental specialists regarding opinions on treatment directions, even for patients that he is not going to be treating. A consultation with the patient and their family members when request is an integral part of our practice. Its value is priceless and should not be overlooked.

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