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Implant dentistry is the term that is used to describe any and all parts of the treatment process when a missing tooth or missing teeth are replaced or going to be replaced using a dental implant or multiple implants. This is an all encompassing term that includes the important diagnostic phase and treatment workup, the surgical process, the restoration of the implants with teeth and the maintenance phase.


A dental implant is a titanium screw that is placed into the patient’s jaw bone that will be used to retain or support a dental restoration. The restoration could be a single crown, a fixed bridge or a denture type appliance.


Dental implants allow you to eat the foods you enjoy with complete easy, comfort and confidence. This is no different than if you had a health set of your own teeth. No longer will you be conscious of what you eat and where you eat it. Family gatherings and social events will no longer be a source of source of anxiety when it comes to eating the festive meal.

Another great benefit of dental implants is that they can replace missing teeth without having to involve other teeth. Prior to the widespread success of dental implants, the best choice for tooth replacement was a fixed bridge. This required the dentist to prepare (drill down) the teeth next to the missing tooth and make a crown to hold the missing tooth. This process not only “damages” other teeth but now cause a one tooth situation to become a three tooth process. That translates to if you have a problem with one tooth; you have a problem with three teeth.

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